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Tobacco Control

Each year the tobacco industry spends millions of dollars in Nova Scotia to entice new and existing customers to sustain its business.

The consequences of the tobacco industry's marketing is deadly. More than 1,700 die each year due to diseases attributable to tobacco use and this has devastating impact on families and communities, the economy and the social well-being of the province.

Tobacco use continues to be a significant threat to the health of people everywhere. The 2001 tobacco strategy was effective in decreasing tobacco use rates by 10% between 2000 and 2008.

"Moving Toward a Tobacco-Free Nova Scotia" is a renewed Comprehensive Tobacco Control Strategy for Nova Scotia that was released in 2011. This document will guide tobacco control actions for health and community practitioners in the coming years. It will take a population health approach to improve the health of Nova Scotians.

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(Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey)

"Moving toward a Tobacco-Free Nova Scotia" has four long-term objectives:

  1. Prevent tobacco use
  2. Help those who are using tobacco to stop
  3. Protect Nova Scotians from the harms of the tobacco industry, smoking and second-hand smoke.
  4. Substantially reduce tobacco-related health disparities between populations in Nova Scotia.

And has five strategic directions:

  1. Integration and building collective responsibility
  2. Capacity and Community Action
  3. Surveillance, Research and Evaluation
  4. Healthy Public Policy
  5. Public Awareness and Social Marketing

In GASHA, staff in Addiction Services and Public Health will be implementing various actions within this strategy at the community and provincial levels.

For more information, contact:

Andrea Donovan, Health Educator
Public Health
867-4500 ext 4805

To view the 2011 Tobacco Control Strategy for Nova Scotia visit: