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Seniors Social Work

Social workers assist individuals and families cope with life changes and stressors resulting from trauma, illness and disability.

A Social Worker can help you in many ways including:

  • coping with bereavement, grief and loss
  • lifestyle changes
  • referral to community agencies
  • assistance with complex care/discharge needs
  • individuals or family concerns including caregiver stress, family conflict
  • help with financial concerns (equipment needs, information re income support programs)

People benefit from receiving this service in their homes because it tends to be the location where they are most comfortable. As well, it helps people who are unable to access hospital-based programs and services due to mobility and/or lack of transportation.

Who is it for?

Home-based services are intended to serve individuals that are not able to attend out-patient services due to accessibility, mobility, etc. reasons. Home-based services allow therapists to serve those individuals whose needs are best evaluated and addressed within the home. GASHA's Seniors' Health Social Work services are for seniors and frail adults living within GASHA.

When and where is the program is offered?

Home visits are offered by scheduled appointment arranged through the Program medical secretary based on therapist availability

Does the program require a referral?

Seniors' Health Social Work services can be accessed by referral from physician or other health care provider. As well, anyone can self-refer; meaning one can contact the secretary directly and request services.

How do I find our more?

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