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Food Security

We are a group of community partners concerned about the issue of food security in Antigonish town and county and in Nova Scotia in general.

What is food security?

The Antigonish County Food Security Coalition uses the following definition of Community food security:

Community food security- exists when all community residents obtain a safe, personally acceptable, nutritious diet through a sustainable local food system that maximizes healthy choices, community self-reliance, and equal access for everyone (Adapted from Dietitians of Canada, 2007).

This definition encompasses many different issues, all of which are potential focuses of the work of this coalition.

How Can I Get Involved?

The coalition is open to community organizations or individual community members who are interested in working on the issue of food security. We welcome anyone who wants to join us! We are currently in the process of developing a Strategic Plan and our coalition has the following goals:

  1. Participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs and projects to build community food security.
  2. Collaborate with organizations that have existing programs to provide support and work together as appropriate.
  3. Identify specific populations where programs/projects are needed and would be feasible.
  4. Through coalition members, stay up to date on provincial, national and international food security initiatives, and determine their feasibility in a local context.
  5. Increase awareness, engagement and commitment to build food security in the local area.

When and where does the coalition meet?

We meet monthly except for the month of December. The date and time of our meeting varies from month to month.

How do I find out more?

Contact: Karen MacKinnon, Coalition Secretary

Phone: (902) 747-3367


Websites for more information on the issue of food security in Nova Scotia:

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Download PDF: Terms of Reference