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Collaboration between GASHA, Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation and Potlotek First Nation

Over a two year period, 2007-09, the Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority (GASHA) and Paqtnkek and Potlotek First Nations communities worked together to develop two Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) - one MOU between each community and the Health Authority.

The purpose of the MOUs is to improve communication, service coordination and better access to Health Authority services and programs.

The MOU development process involved joint community-based working groups in each community that were engaged in four key activities (see diagram):

  1. Identifying assets, health issues and gaps in services
  2. Building relationships and identifying each partner's contribution
  3. Developing a planning framework
  4. Developing the MOU

Through this process, GASHA and Paqtnkek and Potlotek have begun to build relationships and to identify ways to work together to strengthen First Nations access to health services.

Once the MOUs were signed, GASHA and Paqtnkek and Potlotek established a joint committee to develop annual plans based on the MOU planning framework and to monitor and evaluate the MOU.

Download PDFs of the two MOUs:

Paqtnkek & Potlotek

Video: Reaching Out, Reaching Back

The video, Reaching Out, Reaching Back, tells the story of our experience. Building trust was key to that process.

Trust had to be built up. It became a key discussion point under identification of guiding principles. (GASHA participant; Evaluation Report 2009)

Leadership would have to trust GASHA before the community would access the services. (First Nation participant, Evaluation Report 2009)

Copies of the video are available from GASHA.

Download PDF of Reaching Out Reaching Back Video Insert

For More Information:

GASHA Administration: 902-867-4500 extension 4732
Potlotek First Nation Health Centre: 902-535-2961
Paqtnkek First Nation Health Centre: 902-386-2048