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Achieving a Healthy Weight

Being ready to commit to a Healthy Weight means making commitments to healthy living. This program is designed to focus on healthy eating, physical activity, and doing things that you really enjoy. Healthy Weight comes in many different sizes and shapes, and there are many factors that play a key role in "Achieving a Healthy Weight".

Who is it for?

Anyone who is ready to make a commitment to healthy living and is ready to achieve a healthy weight.

When and where is it offered?

The program is currently offered in two locations - L'Ardoise and Mulgrave

L'Ardoise Program

When? Group meets every Thursday morning from 11:15 am to 12:00 noon.
Where? East Coast Credit Union, L'Ardoise Branch, 42 School Road , L'Ardoise NS B0E 1S0
Fees: Cost to join is $10 and weekly weight in $2.
Information: For more information: contact the Primary Health Care Coordinator at (902) 587-2991

Mulgrave Program

When? Scheduled at least once a year
Where? Mulgrave Medical Centre, 403 Murray Street, Mulgrave, NS.
Information: For more information, call the Mulgrave Medical Centre at (902) 747-2211